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How to be responsive and relevant in search?

Gustavo Goncalves
Gustavo Goncalves

Mar 12, 2024

How to be responsive and relevant in search?

One of the main Educational Marketing tools to attract people interested in enrolling is the use of ads in search engines (Google and Bing, for example).

However, just writing a message and paying for its delivery is not the best strategy. You need to work on ad relevance and ensure that search engines will see your content as the best option for responder a “pain” do lead (interested person).

Therefore, we have separated some of the main measures that you should adopt to make your announcement relevant. Check out!

What you will see in today's post:

Responsive Ads: Machine Learning do Google

Remember to advertise to people, not search engines

Perform excellent targeting

Create specific ad groups

Work with all aspects of your website’s Digital Marketing

Test your ads constantly and evaluate the results

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Responsive Ads: Machine Learning do Google

Search engines work with a logic called Machine Learning. It allows the machine (the robot responsible for Google searches, for example) to constantly learn.

The more search engines receive new access,The better they filter information and identify, for example:

  • the contextual way of interacting with campaigns;
  • terms most clicked by users;
  • times with greater engagement;
  • terms that are most frequently returned in the search;
  • combinations that have a greater chance to become.

Furthermore, every day these digital tools get closer to human behavior and not only understand the keywords used in the search, but also the user's search intent.

This way, the results that appear on each person's screen are related to their habits and what they usually look for.

Remember to advertise to people, not search engines

Taking Machine Learning into consideration, we always have to think about composing ads focused on the people who are searching (the user). The keywords must be present in the text, but it must be worked to respond to the intention of whoever is searching.

When a person searches for: “agronomy course sp” they want to find a page for a course inAgronomy offered inSão Paulo. It seems obvious, but if you search for terms like this, you will notice that many educational institutions create generic advertisements that direct people to the home page and not to the specific course.

A good match for this search would be: “Open enrollments — Agronomy Course in SP”. And the text of the ad could say something like: “Take advantage of the registration period and join theAgronomy of [Name of Institution]”.

For this to work you need to use everything that Digital Marketing can offer for yourInstitution education. We will talk about this later.

Perform excellent targeting

For an ad to generate good results, it needs to strike a balance between investment and return. For this, the lead segmentation it's essential. The precision of this definition affects the performance of the online campaign.

An excellent way to do this is through a detailed study of the profile of each course. By understanding who your persona is (fictional character who represents the main students of your Educational institution or a specific course), your team can focus on this target and create a personalized shopping experience, from the announcement to the completion of enrollment.


Create specific ad groups

Search engines offer advertisers the option to create ad groups. Each group of these can be made up of multiple ads and multiple keywords.

To optimize the result and increase relevance, you need to focus on personalization. Use each ad group for a single objective, but with several different strategies.

Instead of making a single advertisement talking about the entrance exam of yoursEducational institution, create an ad group with some advertising display alternatives for each course that has vacancies available.

This allows multiple strategies to be tested simultaneously and improves overall ad performance. If you are unsure between two title models, for example, test them both and see which gives the best result.

But it is important to do this for each product or service that is advertised. Are you going to talk about the Civil Engineering course? Create an ad group on top of it and make different descriptions and titles to see which performance is better.

Work with all aspects of your website’s Digital Marketing

The relevance of an ad in search engines is measured by several aspects. This includes the target website and the experience the user has when clicking the link.

Therefore, the ad should not be used separately. Instead, it needs to be part of a Digital Marketing strategy that takes into account the different points of contact that the student has with your brand.

Before creating an ad, ask yourself:

  • Does the page to which the person will be directed have all the content?;
  • Will the student find the answer to their main questions (level of training, duration, monthly fees, subjects, information about entrance exams, etc.)?;
  • Is the page loading time ok?;
  • the page has a good mobile performance (more and more searches are being carried out using mobile devices)?;
  • Is the call to action button (entrance exam registration button, for example) clearly visible?

Relevância anúncios

Test your ads constantly and evaluate the results

Just like any well-structured Marketing strategy, the use of advertisements must be closely monitored and the results must be measured by your team.Educational institution.

You need to track the conversion rate of each ad in each of the ad groups you create. Based on the results, the campaign budget should be directed to those that show better performance.

It is also interesting to test new approaches and see if they can perform better than those that are giving good results or not. Therefore, the tendency is for your ads to always be updated and relevant.

By following all the points we touched on throughout this text, your Marketing strategy will feature relevant ads and the results generated will be excellent. Always remember that the important thing is to create something that responds to the students' search intent.

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