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How can Chatbot technology boost your fundraising?

Gustavo Goncalves
Gustavo Goncalves

Apr 17, 2024

How can Chatbot technology boost your fundraising?

Chatbot is a technology that allows conversation between a human being and a robot. Therefore, this feature has been used by many companies to improve customer service and increase database accuracy, resulting in several benefits for the institution.

There are many advantages to using a Chatbot, including optimizing lead capture. Therefore, this technology is an increasingly strong trend in the job market, and anyone who doesn't keep up to date will be left behind.

Therefore, now understand what the different types of Chatbot are, how this feature can boost your recruitment and why it is a strong trend for the future. Read until the end and learn how to stand out in the market!

What are the different types of Chatbot

Chatbots can work based on rules or using Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. In the case of a rule-based Chatbot, the robot has pre-configured responses associated with keywords, therefore, it has a more limited resource.

In turn, the Chatbot that uses AI and machine learning can carry out a conversation in a very similar way to human beings and offers a wide range of resources and possibilities.

It may seem utopian to believe that a robot can talk and serve its customers as if it were a human being, right? But this has been a reality since 2014, when a computer passed the Turing test for the first time and made a panel at the University of Reading, in London, believe that it was talking to a person.

Therefore, with artificial brains and machine learning, there are several options for using the Chatbot tool to optimize your company's results. Discover two different ways to use this technology in your business.

Chatbots for customer service

This is a Chatbot to respond to customers in an automated way. Therefore, the robot makes simple contact, answering customer questions and often with human attendants intervening only if necessary.

Chatbots for capturing leads

This type of Chatbot aims to monitor when a potential customer visits the company's online platforms to generate a database about the prospect. This way, the robot is available to answer questions, explain products and services and develop an engaging dialogue to capture leads.

Artificial brains allow this type of Chatbot to identify the prospect's needs and desires, passing the information on to the sales team. Therefore, it is a great resource to boost your fundraising.

It is worth noting that, in crisis times, Chatbot is a great solution for maintaining high uptake, as this feature allows you to reduce spending on employees in the customer service team consumer, in addition to being able to be carried out remotely.

How can chatbot technology boost blogpost

The importance of Chatbot for capturing leads in educational marketing

For a visitor to become a lead, they must show interest in your service and offer  contact information. With a Chatbot, the potential customer is invited to communicate with your educational institution on any day and time, as the resource operates 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Once contact is made, the response happens quickly and the Chatbot is efficient in collecting information from the potential customer. This way, capturing leads happens in a much more optimized way than without using this technology.

However, the benefits of Chatbot don't stop there. The student recruitment is fundamental to the success of an educational institution. Therefore, it is necessary to offer fast and practical service with dynamic, natural and up-to-date language. After all, students are an increasingly connected public looking for practical solutions to begin their studies. Therefore, Chatbot is a strong differentiator for universities and private schools.

In addition to improving service, integration between CRM and Chatbot is essential for collecting and managing data. In educational marketing, a rich database is essential to work on lead nurturing efficiently. This is because, before enrolling in a higher education course or enrolling their children in a school, the lead carries out several researches and considers different questions. Therefore, the educational institution that obtains more information about the lead is the one that will offer the best content at the right time and, eventually, win over the student.

Now that it's clear how Chatbot technology can help your educational institution, understand why your institution needs to invest in this resource to avoid being overtaken. Continue reading!

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Why Chatbot is a trend for the future

The intense and rapid digitalization process of companies makes Chatbot a trend (and necessity) for the future. Especially after the pandemic caused by Covid-19, people are increasingly looking for technological solutions to make their daily lives easier. Therefore, companies that do not keep up to date, continuing to offer service without the advantages of Chatbot, will miss out on many business opportunities.

After all, customers want quick and practical service on any day and time, as well as the possibility of resolving everything with just one click. Therefore, an example of a trend to be followed by educational institutions is the offer and option to enroll and online registration, something possible and uncomplicated with the use of an AI Chatbot.

Another reason that makes Chatbot a trend is the constant innovation and improvement of technology, as, with new studies and the advancement of Artificial Intelligence, this resource tends to be increasingly effective in capturing leads and solving problems in customer service. customers.

Therefore, it is clear how Chatbot works and how this technology can boost lead capture. This way, it is possible to understand the importance of this tool for educational marketing and why it is a trend in the market.

Do you have doubts and want to know if it is a good business to invest in this tool? So, click on the link and find out now if it is worth having an Artificial Intelligence Chatbot.

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