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How can a communication flow increase conversion?

Gustavo Goncalves
Gustavo Goncalves

Mar 30, 2022

communication flow

When visiting a store, you receive a qualified service, the right attention, helpful assistants and some benefits that get your attention. Can we agree that this store will retain you and other customers, right? Well, the digital world works the same. And that’s the communication flow role in it.

Out of sight, out of mind. It’s a cliché, right? But even though it's a common quote, it has the right concept. When online, being seen by users is something that makes you trustable and gives you authority. And to get there, it’s necessary not just to sell something, but to invest in getting close to the user.

To help you in this building and application process of this important marketing action, check on this post everything you need to know about it to succeed with your communication flow. Including how the nurturing flow is done! Check the topics below!

During the reading you will understand:

1. What is a communication flow?

Also known as relationship flow, this strategy is based on information analysis of the purchase journey to understand the perfect timing to approach an user, aiming to decrease the bounce rate and increase the communication between brand and lead.

For several users, the boom of messages and information that were not asked to be delivered can bother them and make them move away from the company. So, with the communication flow the chances of these things to happen are smaller.

This kind of campaign can be applied in different channels, such as:

1.1. Benefits of using a communication flow

When it’s built right, this strategy can easily bring short and long time benefits to your company. That happens because its results are linked to immediate actions and, at the same time, to long period actions. 

Its benefits, besides the flow analysis, include results such as:

  • Brand vs user experience optimization;
  • Bringing back inactive leads to your database;
  • Company income extension through offers and calls;
  • Purchases withdraws decrease;
  • Lead progress on the purchase funnel;
  • Lead nurturing.

2. How to organize your strategy?

To build an appropriate flow and to align it with the strategy that will strike better, it’s important to pay attention to some point. Check below the first steps to build your shutters and the communication drawing!

Read too:

Understand your target audience profile

To have a successful flow, it’s necessary, before anything else, to understand your lead so you can create a solid strategy. For example, if your audience likes social media, but they don’t use email regularly, it will be a mistake to direct your communication by email and it can negatively affect your planning.

In this first moment, it’s important to have your persona and its features by heart to know what to do or not.

Create an adequate copywriting

If you speak A and the receiver understands B, there is a misunderstanding, regardless of the content or suite. To the communication flow, this is a precious assumption, so you must pay attention to it before you start delivering your communication.

Having your profile analysis, it’s time to adequate your copywriting, making it functional and attractive for those who will receive it.

Study the right moments to deliver

The assumption of the communication flow is to know the better opportunity to contact. So, you must understand which are your key-moments to approach, with no overstatement. For example, if a user puts a lot of things on their car, but withdraws the purchase when it’s time to pay for it (that’s an action taken by 69% of e-commerce website visitors), the better strategy is calling them back and convincing them to finish the action.

You can choose between:

  • post purchase message to get a feedback about a product or service;
  • offering discounts and promotions;
  • contact the user in commemorative days, such as birthday or something related to your niche (mother’s day, for example);
  • Website callback;
  • Follow up about purchases;
  • Welcome message and communication channels presentation.

3. Does it really increase conversions? How?

With no doubts, the communication flow is an element that can positively impact your relationship in the leads, enabling a closer approximation, capable of increasing purchases and allowing the word-of-mouth marketing to happen - what leads to a brand authority. So, the best way of retaining customers is developing a good relationship.

As a consequence, when retained, customers can spend around 70% more than new customers, according to a Bain & Company research. Do you understand the impact it can bring to your company keeping a customer close and pleased to strengthen your brand?

When a customer is pleased with a service and receives different kinds of approaches, it’s most probable that this will help with their conversion and starts a lead generation, all because of a qualified service.

4. Ask for a communication flow analysis: it’s crucial!

Can you see the importance of a strong dialog, based on the right strategic principles? Well, a communication flow is the perfect tool for you to succeed and be kept on your leads’ minds in a friendly way.

To make this digital marketing tool more effective, you can count on a Mkt4edu’s team with a qualified and well experienced team that can build the proper relationship according to your needs.

Creating humizied messages and using automation processes, the content will draw near and communicate effectively, mostly because it has a process that mixes the right message and the best time delivery to get the business opportunity.

Using the right technology and tools, our team offers all the necessary for your relationship with the leads to succeed. Do you want to know more about this subject and get an analysis of your communication flow to understand what can be implemented or improved? Get in touch with our team right now!


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