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Higher education investment analysis: optimize your campaigns

Gustavo Goncalves
Gustavo Goncalves

Sep 11, 2023

One student who is about to enter higher education is not easily convinced by any communication campaign. He wants his educational institution to convince him of all the value you can deliver, through relationship-focused marketing strategies.

For these strategies to convince you, you need to go further, investing in content, constancy and segmentation. The task seems to require a large chunk of your marketing budget, but know that it is possible to optimize campaigns and bring more results to your Educational institution.

In this post, we will show how the analysis of investments in higher education can be what was needed to increase your competitive intelligence. Follow!

What you will see in this post:

Want to check it all out? So, read on!

The Marketing Optimization

Not digital marketing, especially not inbound marketing, it's easy to get lost in the promises of results, in the numerous metrics and distance yourself from what really matters: the campaign's return on investment made by your educational institution.

Marketing is a very powerful tool to achieve results in all types of organizations, but one cannot lose sight of sales and results as the final objectives of any strategy.

That is why it is necessary to optimize marketing campaigns by reducing financial and personnel resources in each action.

We highlight the analysis of investment in higher education as the main way to optimize your campaigns of marketing and generate competitive intelligence for your institution.

Analyzing investment in higher education

From now on, every strategic decision made by your Educational institution must be based on data. Data on the behavior of students or potential students on social networks, their actions with regard to email marketing and on the most important metrics for each action, such as cost per lead and Return On Investment (ROI).

From the analysis of each of these variables, you will know how and when to act. And the best: you will know why your marketing strategy is not going as well as you would like, despite all the investment.

Investment analysis is essential to not insist on campaigns that do not give results or miss out on great opportunities to close sales. This analysis can be performed using automation tools, which increase the productivity of the marketing team by optimizing campaigns.

These are ways to measure the results of your strategy:

  • Write down the costs of each campaign and how many new students were recruited in the period: with this, you can calculate the cost of acquiring students and verify the effectiveness of the action;
  • automate data analysis from user interaction: perform A/B tests on marketing emails, for example, to find out the reaction to each action taken;
  • Collect the most pertinent data for each type of content: click-through rate, cost per click and conversion rate.

The benefits of doing an investment analysis

But is it really worth doing an analysis of the investments in marketing for higher education campaigns? Below, you can see some advantages of being more careful in how to advertise your educational institution:

  • Knowledge about the situation of your company;
  • Optimization in decision making;
  • Probability analysis of gains and risks;
  • Greater knowledge of the market.

Get a better understanding of each of these advantages below.

Knowledge of your company's situation

The first and most important benefit is understanding your institution's current financial state and how to make a smarter investment of your marketing and advertising spend.

Optimization in decision making

By better understanding the financial reality of your Educational institution, it is easier to think of strategies that do not exceed your budget and, at the same time, have a high effectiveness and are directed towards the real goals of the institution.

Analysis of the probability of gains and risks

Another advantage of having investment analysis in higher education is to be able to get an idea if the investment will bring gains or if it will be too risky for the current financial moment of the institution.

Greater market knowledge

It is important to emphasize that the knowledge acquired will not only be about your Educational institution, but also related to the market in which it operates, as well as its own public. Thus, it will be easier to understand them and identify the strategies and market trends that will bring more results.

The best time to do an investment analysis

It is interesting that all campaigns undergo a prior analysis so that the educational institution can have a view on the chance of success of that strategy or if it will need to undergo adjustments.

If this is not possible, it is recommended to direct this greater care towards campaigns that promise long-term results, since they result in higher expenses, which can also mean greater losses.

It is also necessary to be aware that this analysis should not only be carried out before the implementation of the strategy, but also during its implementation.


In this way, it will be possible to identify more quickly any problem or alteration that could result in a decrease in the chances of success of that campaign, which would put your investment at risk.

What can put your investments at risk in education through a marketing campaign

Did you know that some mistakes in your marketing campaigns can jeopardize your investments in this strategy? Check out some of them below:

  • Campaign only during registration periods;
  • Not segmenting your audience;
  • Send spam;
  • Not talking properly with your audience.

Want to understand each of these mistakes? So, read on!

Campaign only during registration periods

Your Educational institution does not need to invest in Google Ads or in a content marketing campaign only during registration periods. The ideal is for students to be recruited throughout the year and, at the same time, for current students to be retained.

Not segmenting your audience

To work the marketing and sales and teaching institution efficiently, you need to know who the people who should receive the content of your campaigns are. This can be done through good audience segmentation.

Send spam

Something that doesn't go well with anyone's business model and campaign strategy is to annoy who you want to capture, and this can be done by sending spam and messages that don't make sense with your audience.

Not talking properly with your audience

Create a campaign always thinking about the best way to talk to your audience. Try to understand their needs, what they look for in an educational institution and what is present in yours.

In short: analyzing your investments in campaigns will help you better understand your market, your target Audience and create strategies that really bring qualified leads.

With the analysis of all this information, it is possible to create a competitive intelligence that will make your Educational institution out in front of the competition!

Continue in the race for the growth of your Educational institution: also read our post about how artificial intelligence can help with student retention!

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