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Do you sell your brand or the student experience?

Gustavo Goncalves
Gustavo Goncalves

Sep 27, 2023

When developing your strategies for attracting students, does your educational institution simply think about promoting its own brand or giving your future students reasons that can really convince them to enroll?

Before we reflect on the appropriate response, it's worth noting that the purpose of this post is not to diminish the importance of promoting your educational institution's brand. But, yes, understanding how to associate it with something that really has value for your audience.

What you will see in today's post:

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The problem with selling (only) your brand

There was a time when marketing in Education was possible to focus on building a strong brand for the institution based on the positions achieved by it in different Education rankings.

People continue to recognize institutions that stand out according to criteria relevant to their market. However, currently, this recognition alone is not enough.

The increase in the offer of courses and the greater ease in entering educational institutions are some of the factors that presented students with a series of other factors to consider when choosing where to study.

It even gave them the opportunity to base their decisions on how they feel about each institution, their positioning, the way they communicate and relate.

For this reason, focusing only on selling the brand, no matter how strong it may be, is ignoring what is important precisely for the public your institution wants to conquer.

student experience?

The advantage of selling the student experience

In principle, an educational institution does not sell a product. We can even say that it sells a service, but it is a service that is built based on the teaching experience offered to the student.

Thus, considering the student's experience, not only while enrolled, but from the first contact and even after leaving the institution, is to make room for your educational marketing strategy to really have the potential to lead to attracting students.

Once an institution focuses on what is important to its audience, it manages to attract their attention in order to establish effective communication capable of generating results.

More than that, by selling a positive experience, your institution can not only gain new students, but also rely on them to build a more powerful brand.

Currently, the consumer is active, participates, exposes his opinions and helps to build a brand. Thus, by giving this focus to your strategies, your institution now has an ally that can share its experience and influence the decision of other students.

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How to unite the two points and optimize student enrollment

As promised at the beginning of this post, our goal is to show you that it is worth betting on the student experience and relying on this strategy to strengthen your brand.

The idea, therefore, is to sell the brand as an experience. Or something also called brand experience, a strategy that focuses on the student's relationship with the institution, making the student have a positive and memorable experience, feel interested in becoming a student and, furthermore, become a propagator of the brand.

To this end, the institution must pay attention to all forms of communication with its public in order to develop strategies that generate value from the first contact.

Thus, achieving success with this marketing strategy in Education is something that can only be done by institutions that are involved enough to know this public well and know what it needs, how it likes to be treated, how to approach it and, of course, how to win him over through this experience.

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