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Data Driven Marketing for education companies

Gustavo Goncalves
Gustavo Goncalves

Jul 14, 2023

Data-driven marketing or Data Driven Marketing, is already part of the routine of the largest companies and educational institutions in the world. That's because data is the key to making decisions based on real and concrete situations.

'Good data management is one of the most valuable assets that marketing can have', according to executive Mark Flaherty.

There is no marketing based on "guessing". Of course, it is always important to know how to measure the audience and understand the reactions of that one that we are offering, but this is just a breakdown of the data.

Want to know how this works? Follow us through the next lines and understand what is data driven, how it works and how to strategically apply it in your company or educational institution!

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What is Data Driven Marketing?

O Data Driven Marketing (Data-Driven Marketing), is the use of data collected by your company or Higher Education Institution to guide the marketing strategies, making them more effective.

This data is collected by the most diverse means of devices around the world: cell phones, cookies (the one you accept when you enter an online page), voice commands such as Siri, search habits on search platforms and many others.

To achieve this strategy efficiently, it is important to structure the data collection and analysis steps. After all, numbers are just numbers until they are read correctly, right?

Here at Mkt4edu, we apply this concept in the elaboration of strategies for our clients in order to develop high-performance campaigns with real results.

Why use Data Driven Marketing?

To get better results through solid data, Data Driven Marketing is essential to help you get to know your consumer better, reach an increasingly selected audience that is actually interested in what you are offering.

The collection and analysis of data allows the marketing and sales team to identify certain behavior patterns of their audience and, consequently, makes the team make decisions predictive to get a better result in capture (and even retention) of leads and customers.

In addition, it also helps you better control the ORI of your marketing channels.

How to put Data Driven into action?

There are a few ways to get Data Driven Marketing in your company and/or educational institution. A good marketing strategy consists of a combination of tools, strategies and the correct interpretation of the data collected by each one of them.

Here are some actions that can help you put all of this into practice:

Analyze current strategies

The first step in order to have an efficient strategy is to analyze what you and your HEI or company already do today.

Understand what actions and strategies are applied, identify how they are being analyzed, and with all this information, you will be able to identify gaps in the data analysis process.

These gaps, in turn, will allow you to choose the best tools to put the next step into practice.

Automatize o marketing

The second step to creating a marketing sector data-oriented is to automate repetitive actions that demand a lot of time and attention from your team.

The purpose of automation is for some processes to happen naturally, without the need for a person to press buttons, sending emails and messages always with the same content, in addition to helping to collect data and help monitor the consumer journey .

It should be noted that we are not talking about computerizing your marketing sector, but to make it work automatically. To do so, invest in robust platforms, such as Hotspot, which helps you automate all your inbound marketing.

These tools will allow you to have greater access to dashboard control in a clear and objective way, in addition to allowing your team to put these repetitive activities aside, to pay attention to things that really matter!

Oh, another very important thing you should know: Data Driven usually works with a dynamic marketing funnel and when you use the right tools, it's easier to identify the exact stage the consumer is in and target relevant content for the moment.

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Integrated tools

As you may know, there are dozens of marketing tools that can bring valuable data to your data driven marketing strategy: CRM, email, landing pages, website, web analytics, among others.

These tools help us (a lot) to have greater control over everything that is happening with our actions.

Now, the big difference is not in simply using the tools, but in knowing how to connect all these tools in a single intelligence center that is capable of receiving, processing and analyzing this information from the most diverse angles.

Yes, we are talking about Business Intelligence (BI).

In addition to optimizing time when locating these tools to use them, connecting them in a single place allows you to cross different data and obtain valuable insights for decision making.

Invest in training and developing your team

A good data analysis tool brings with it a good control dashboard, a panel where you can visualize the results of your actions in an intuitive, clear and objective way.

No spreadsheets, data everywhere in a disorderly way. The control dashboard brings conclusive data, which favors your decisions and facilitates the understanding of what must be done to improve your Marketing campaign.

For example, you've created a sponsored links campaign, but you see that the conversion rate doesn't match your goal. With the data analysis, you can see the whole panorama of your campaign, being able to easily identify what the failure is.

But along with all that, you need to have a team that knows how to cross-reference and read this data. Although automation tools and dashboards are intuitive and often already bring suggestions for insights, it is necessary to have a team that is qualified to see "beyond".

Knowing how to organize information and even being able to cross data that has not yet been crossed is as important as capturing data. That is: have qualified people on your team so that the results are better!

Focus on performance indicators

It is common to want to follow the thousands of performance indicators that can be assigned to a campaign. But if we worry about all of them, we lose focus on analyzing what really matters: the results.

Pay attention to the primary indicators and use the secondary ones to understand contexts and predict trends. For example, you've developed a brand awareness campaign. Your primary indicator will be the volume of website visits.

By deploying this indicator, you can analyze the sources of traffic, the keywords that generate the most traffic, the times when there are more visits and a series of other data that help to understand the behavior of students and consumers.

Trust the best on the market

Managing data isn't easy, but it's simpler than it looks.

All you need is a data analytics platform designed for your market. When we have a solution developed specifically for our business, it becomes much easier to get results.

Want to know more about this type of solution? Get in touch with our team!


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