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Brand experience: strengthen your brand and increase enrollments!

Gustavo Goncalves
Gustavo Goncalves

Nov 23, 2023

Still don't know how to strengthen your institution's brand? Every school needs to find ways to generate reputation and gain prominence in the market to attract students and become a reference.

In today's post, we address brand experience in education. Our goal is to make you understand how investing in marketing actions for private schools contributes to increasing enrollment.

 Let 's go?

What is brand experience

The literal translation of the term "brand experience" leads us to "brand experience". Something that refers to the experience that a brand offers to its customers and the community with which it interacts.

With this in mind, we can say that brand experience in education represents a set of marketing strategies that aim to strengthen your institution's brand by creating links with its audiences.

Visual identity, language, actions on social networks, content produced, partnerships, use of on and offline media, service and several other factors converge with the same objective: ensuring that your school offers unique, positive and memorable experiences.

The importance of brand experience in education

Why pay attention to all this? Because in a plural and competitive market, it is essential that an educational institution is able to get closer to students, potential students and their guardians in order to win them over.

And, to do so, it needs to guide, plan and execute marketing actions for private schools in order to impact and surprise this audience. The emotion tied to the experience is what makes it memorable and worth sharing.

And here's an addendum: the branding work is what guarantees that this emotion is positive. It is worth bearing in mind that negative experiences are also shared and, in our digital world, have wide-reaching power to tarnish reputations.

Well crafted and properly aligned with your institution's objectives and sectors, brand experience leads to interactions that favor the school's image and credibility. As a consequence, it strengthens it in the market and increases its power to attract new students and retain them.

How brand experience increases your enrollments

To make the power of brand experience in education clearer, below we will show how this set of strategies helps to strengthen your institution's brand.

This will make it easier to understand the importance of adopting strategies that guide the school's relationship with the public, offering quality and consistent experiences.

Strengthens the image of your institution

When an institution manages to align its actions to offer an experience that exceeds expectations, it gains the attention of its audience and gains prominence.

This means that the brand experience does not just contribute to promoting your school's brand and making it known. It also allows the quality of the experience and its ability to cause positive and unique sensations to make the school a reference in the market.

And this even contributes to increasing the prestige of the educational institution and the services it offers. Which, as you already know, favors the attraction and recruitment of new students.

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Improves communication and relationships with the public

When studying marketing actions for private schools, it is very likely that you have already considered the power of communication strategies to attract the public.

For example, we have already written about How to use social media to attract new students because we know the importance of being an active presence in media that are widely used by students.

Whether through this or other marketing choices, the idea of ​​keeping communication channels open and active needs to be well structured. It is essential to convey clear messages, adopt the right tone in each interaction and offer agile, quality service.

And, in any case — that is, in any channel (from telephone to email, from chat to networks) — it is the adoption of brand experience that ensures that contact is made in a way that surprises the public and creates an experience singular.

In other words, it is what gives your school a powerful advantage in establishing a lasting relationship with your audience.

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Contributes to retaining students and the general public

Attracting new students is just one of the challenges of an educational institution. You need to know how to retain them (so they don't change schools) and make them become advocates and propagators of your brand.

In this sense, it is important to understand that the feeling is strongly linked to the success of this relationship. Therefore, consistent brand experience actions make students and their guardians feel welcomed and connected to their school.

The consequence of these feelings is the natural sharing of experiences that translate into recommendations made to friends, family and acquaintances. Free advertising happens because people like to recommend good services!

Facilitates prospecting and closing enrollments

You may have already understood, but think for a moment: what is the result of the combination of a strengthened brand + efficient communication and relationships + a loyal audience?

An educational institution with credibility before the public and the market and in a position to attract new students and increase enrollment.

What brand experience in education does is strengthen your brand so that potential students have no doubts about choosing their new school. The set of strategies that result in a positive relationship that turns into recommendations and recognition fulfills this function.

How to implement brand experience

As seen, brand experience is related to actions that positively impact your institution’s audience. In fact, aligning strategies with this objective requires work and commitment, but it is not that challenging.

It is common to believe that only powerful companies with large marketing departments can handle the task. But just remember that customer service has a bad reputation for being slow and not very helpful in answering questions or problems.

And this means that having the consistency to communicate in a clear, cordial, agile way that provides the expected results is already a way to make a good impression.

In 3 ways to personalize your students’ experience, we proposed thinking from the perspective of your audience, being part of their universe and investing in individualized contact.

In other words, simple ideas to guide powerful marketing actions for private schools seeking to strengthen their brand and attract new students.

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