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Achieve these 6 goals with content marketing

Renan Andrade
Renan Andrade

Aug 10, 2023

Content markeitng

One of the main differentials of Inbound Marketing is that the brand does not spend energy and figures with generalized actions in the search for its target audience. All actions are extremely strategic and aim to attract customers who have a real interest in the service offered. It's not just about closing a deal, it's about offering a true experience.

Content marketing is one of those aspects that, when applied with intention, planning and consistency, contributes to the construction of the educational institution's perception of authority. In addition, through content creation, it is possible to achieve the goals set for a lower investment.

And by content creation, we're not talking about occasionally feeding a blog or filling out the institution's website pages with information. This line of marketing is, above all, tactical and based on continuity. Only then are the expected results achieved..

To clarify a little more the relevance of content production within educational marketing and other areas, we selected 6 objectives that can be achieved with this strategy:

  1. Increased visibility of the educational institution;
  2. Improved organic positioning on Google;
  3. More efficiency in the nutrition and conversion of leads;
  4. Increase in the customer retention rate;
  5. Better results for less investment;
  6. Educate the market about the service provided;

Keep reading our post for more details on each highlighted objective and be more successful with content marketing!

1. Increased visibility of the educational institution

When a company invests in marketing, its main intention is to gain more visibility in a positive way and achieve more sales. With content marketing, she builds that path consistently, delivering material on the platforms that make the most sense for her audience to search for.

In the case of educational institutions, in addition to the website, it is worth having a blog with periodic posts that meet the needs and desires of students and their families. For example, in the case of a college, the contents can talk about the job market, salaries, ways to enter and what is studied.

This type of material that answers concrete questions generates a natural engagement and, consequently, ends up impacting the brand’s visibility. For customers or potential customers, the institution becomes an authority on the subject, and whenever necessary, they turn to it.

This is not a short-term goal, because it involves trust and consistency. It is a continuous construction, but, with the appropriate metrics, it allows focusing on the communication channels that best fit the strategy and create content for the different points of the customer purchase journey.

2. Improved organic positioning on Google

Google is constantly making adjustments to its algorithm to mitigate the success of bot-based marketing tactics and aggressive advertising. Despite making room for sponsored links, the relevance of the content to the public directly interferes with the ranking of the site.

It is essential that the address has an SEO plan, but also that it offers valuable content. Otherwise, the pages may have interesting organic traffic, but other important metrics, such as bounce rate and viewing time, leave something to be desired, sending the message to the algorithm that the material is not meaningful.

Therefore, content marketing is not about a bunch of techniques to hook in, but about building an audience by offering up-to-date, informed information that can lead to conscious purchase decisions.

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3. More efficiency in nurturing and converting leads

Previously, we talked about the possibility of tracking the customer's purchase journey. Another goal of content marketing is to nurture the relationship with each lead until they are converted into a customer. The most pertinent is that, during the process, there is no pressure or imposition, but an enchantment.

The content responds to an immediate lead need and piques their curiosity about another related topic. If he wanted to know more, he can sign up for the newsletter or fill out a form to download an e-book. Once this authorized communication channel is open, it is possible to invest in the lead nurturing strategy.

Again, the content will be extremely important to follow this movement through the sales funnel. At each step, the potential customer learns more, provides more information about their profile and engages with the company.

4. Increased customer retention rate

Capturing leads is, without a doubt, an important objective for maintaining business, but retaining current customers is also essential. After purchasing the service, many companies have difficulty with the after-sales service, harming the customer experience.

Having a nutrition plan for converted leads is also important, as the goal is to have an audience that not only uses the service, but shares the company's content and their satisfaction with the brand. There is no marketing strategy more efficient than satisfied customers.

5. Better results for a lower investment

According to a survey conducted by 99Firms, investing in content marketing costs 62% less than investing in traditional marketing. That alone would be reason enough to consider it, but the study goes further and finds that conversion rates are three times higher.

The educational institution will focus its budget to delight an audience that has an affinity with what it has to offer. That is, there is an identification with the entire culture of the company and not just with the service. The contents also sell the brand's differential, which goes beyond the purchase.

But does that mean that there is no investment in ads, for example, only in relevant content? Not quite. This aspect combines the quality of the material produced with ways of reaching the interested audience, and this can include advertisements. However, there is a better targeting of the budget, enabling the growth of organic engagement.

6. Educate the market about the service provided

Take, for example, a school that adopts an innovative, progressive teaching model that is a novelty in the educational market. The institution needs to make its proposal known, show why it is relevant and how it can help children and young people to have a more promising future.

How to do this in an efficient way that reaches parents, who seek to offer the best possible education for their children? Content marketing is the answer. This generation researches brand values, gets information before making a decision and likes to have references.

Sharing information not only about what it does, but also about its philosophy, what the model consists of and how the pedagogical project is designed, the institution arouses interest in its service. It not only opens up space in the market, but, little by little, becomes an authority on the subject.

A consistent strategy meets, at the same time, families who are looking for a different style of education, families who are unhappy with traditional education, but still do not see other options, and also parents who had already heard about this model and want to understand better.

Within content marketing, such examples abound. The idea is that the educational institution explores its possibilities and manages to form its loyal, committed and engaged audience.

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