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5 reasons to invest in AI chatbot in your capture and retention

Renan Andrade
Renan Andrade

Aug 10, 2023

AI Chatbot

A good job of attracting and retaining students is essential for the success of an educational institution and ensures predictability of sales. Therefore, it is important to invest in the AI chatbot to solve problems and optimize the institution's relationship marketing.

In this way, understand what it is and how the chatbot with Artificial Intelligence works and learn about 5 reasons to use it in your educational marketing strategy and increase student capture and loyalty, achieving incredible results. Check it out now!

What is and how the AI chatbot work

Chatbot is software that works inside messaging apps — such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, and even the chat channel on the company’s website — with the purpose of answering customer messages. You've probably already talked to a robot when calling a company, haven't you?

So, very simplistically, we can describe the chatbot as a robot that answers questions quickly and automatically. But of course, that's not all, after all, the use of this technology is capable of greatly facilitating communication between a customer and a company.

Therefore, to serve the customer in a practical and optimized way, there are two different types of this software: the chatbot based on rules and the Artificial Intelligence chatbot. So, let's explain how both works. 

Chatbot based on rules

Chatbots that work without Artificial Intelligence are programmed to act according to specific rules, previously configured. Therefore, if the customer sends a message that does not match the chatbot settings, he sends a notice apologizing and saying that he is unable to understand what was said or transfers the customer to a human service.

In this way, chatbots based on rules are limited and are not able to solve more complex customer problems, being less effective for relationship marketing.

AI Chatbot

The AI chatbot is able to communicate with the customer in a very similar way to how two humans speak. That's because Artificial Intelligence is a segment of computer science that studies and develops devices that approach the human ability to reason.

Therefore, the AI chatbot is able to understand the customer's message and find the answer that he is looking without being limited to the configuration previously defined by rules and keywords. In other words, through this technology, it is possible to serve customers or potential customers in the best possible way, improving the relationship between the educational institution and the consumer and increasing the capture and retention of students.

Artificial Intelligence is able to imitate human reasoning through two technologies: machine learning and deep learning. In this way, machine learning is the science that allows computers to perform actions without the need for previous programming. This happens using algorithms to organize data, recognize patterns and make computers learn.

In turn, deep learning is a step forward from machine learning. That's because deep learning uses more sophisticated algorithms that imitate the neural network of the human brain. Therefore, this science allows the computer to recognize images and speech, process the natural language and learn to perform very advanced tasks without human interference.

Therefore, the AI chatbot is the most advanced in terms of automation in the job market. Therefore, it is an extremely powerful weapon for your marketing and consumer relationship strategy.

Now that you already understand what the AI chatbot is and how it works, you should already understand why this tool is capable of increasing student retention and acquisition. However, you may still be surprised by its benefits and the reasons for its application in a relationship marketing strategy. Keep reading and check it out!

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5 reasons to apply the AI chatbot in your student acquisition and retention strategy

The AI chatbot is an excellent tool to attract customers and keep them satisfied, ensuring that they remain loyal to the company. So, here are 5 reasons to invest in this resource for your student acquisition and retention strategy.

1. Agility in customer service and satisfaction

The AI chatbot is able to solve problems and answer customers' questions in an extremely agile way, ensuring that the consumer feels satisfied with the service. In this way, both the potential client and the student who has already enrolled start to feel confident in the institution, ignoring the competitors.

Therefore, ensuring agility in service and customer satisfaction is essential for a good capture and retention of students and predictability of sales. Therefore, this is an excellent reason to apply the AI chatbot in the relationship marketing of your educational institution.

2. Possibility of integration with CRM

The CRM is an extremely important resource for retaining and attracting students. Therefore, a great advantage of the AI chatbot is the integration of this tool with the CRM, allowing a better functioning of the two technologies.

In this way, it is possible to count on greater capture and segmentation of leads, with even more accurate data and increasingly accurate strategies. After all, the AI chatbot is able to obtain information such as location and consumption habits, as well as integrate this into the CRM and optimize leads nurturing, increasing the conversion rate in the sales funnel and the number of enrollments.

3. Process optimization

With the AI chatbot is possible to optimize processes such as receiving documents, closing deals and agreements and other protocols. In addition, Artificial Intelligence allows the chatbot to contribute to marketing and sales teams, as, with data analysis, the computer is able to offer the ideal services to the customer with whom it is dealing.

4. Customer service 24h and immediate

Nobody likes to wait to be served, right? Therefore, a great advantage of the AI chatbot is to offer for your students a service that works 24 hours and is immediate. After all, after contacting the customer, he doesn't have to wait in a queue for an attendant to talk to him.

Certainly, this is a good reason for consumer satisfaction and, therefore, for the acquisition and retention of students. Therefore, 24 hour service and immediate response are fundamental to the educational marketing strategy and the success of your educational institution. 

5. Cost reduction

In addition to optimizing (a lot) student service and consumer relations, one of the best benefits of using the AI chatbot is cost reduction. After all, it will not be necessary to hire a large number of employees to respond to messages from the various students of the institution. Therefore, the AI chatbot increases profits through greater student acquisition and retention and also decreases expenses, being a great strategy both from a marketing point of view and from a financial point of view.

Therefore, there are many good reasons to invest in the AI chatbot to attract and retain students, being an essential resource for achieving incredible management results in your educational institution.

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