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4RevOps: named agency of the year by Hubspot!

Gustavo Goncalves
Gustavo Goncalves

Dec 4, 2023

HubSpot is the most renowned software developer for marketing and customer relationship management across the world. 4RevOps decided to build a partnership to offer its clients the best content marketing services, lead generation, social media strategies, among other marketing actions integrated with CRM. Through this partnership, 4RevOps consolidated recognition and authority at a global level.

With this in mind, now understand why 4RevOps was chosen by HubSpot as "LATAM agency of the year" in 2020, what's new for the company to continue growing in 2021 and how 4RevOps' partnership with HubSpot benefits its clients and can benefit you. Check it out now!

4RevOps is chosen by HubSpot as agency of the year in 2020

Being recognized by HubSpot as the largest and best marketing agency in all of LATAM, including agencies in all markets and not just in the education niche, is a great achievement and a source of great pride for all our employees and clients.

Even with the complicated year of 2020, 4RevOps managed to grow and deliver great results for its clients, ensuring everyone's success. And this only contributed to winning the LATAM agency of the year award at HubSpot’s Solutions Partner Impact Awards.

Katie Ng-Mak, vice president of HubSpot's Solutions Partner Program, said“4RevOps makes a very positive impact on the success of its customers”; Furthermore, the vice president also stated that “4RevOps is a company that has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to helping other businesses grow bigger and better. On behalf of everyone at HubSpot, I congratulate 4RevOps on this incredible achievement.”

It is worth mentioning that this is not the first time that 4RevOps has been recognized and awarded by HubSpot! In 2017, the 4RevOps won the HubSpot Impact Awards in the Rookie of The Year category. Furthermore, the agency was HubSpot's first Diamond partner in Brazil.

In other words, 4RevOps has been carrying out work to inbound marketing excellent and constantly growing, providing great results to its clients and gaining authority and worldwide notoriety.

The competitive advantages of 4RevOps highlighted by HubSpot

In addition to announcing the award, HubSpot highlighted the two main competitive advantages that helped 4RevOps face the pandemic and stand out in 2020. They are:

  • a 4RevOps implements a home office format since its foundation;
  • The agency has been operating in several countries for longer (an interesting advantage, given that the exchange rate will fall by almost 40% in Brazil in 2020).

Now that you know that 4RevOps is the LATAM agency of the year, according to HubSpot's Solutions Partner Impact Awards, and what the competitive differences were for the company to stand out in 2020, also find out how 4RevOps will continue to grow in 2021. Continue reading!

What's new at 4RevOps in 2021

The award is not the podium, much less the limit for 4RevOps. In 2021, 4RevOps began operations in Portugal and Dubai and already serves customers in these countries.

In this way, different nations and continents already count on the excellent work of 4RevOps to integrate inbound marketing e CRM and improve your strategies, as well as to optimize lead generation, social media strategies and use Artificial intelligence aiming at the transformation of Educational Marketing, among other resources and benefits.

Therefore, understand below how 4RevOps, in partnership with HubSpot, grows increasingly globally and executes an efficient content marketing strategy in companies in Brazil and around the world. Read until the end!


How 4RevOps and HubSpot do content marketing together

4RevOps understands that content is a strategy that can provide incredible results. However, to achieve the content marketing goals, it is necessary to use and integrate tools that allow the implementation of the strategy, the automation of marketing actions and the metrics tracking.

Therefore, the agency uses HubSpot tools in an integrated way to develop, implement and monitor an intelligent and effective marketing strategy. This way, the agency can perform well in any campaign, both in the education segment and in other areas.

Therefore, see this list with some of the possibilities provided by the tool CRM (Customer Relationship Management) HubSpot:

  • organization of sales funnel;
  • note of business opportunities in the sales funnel;
  • webhooks from HubSpot;
  • websites;
  • landing pages;
  • SEO;
  • integration with Facebook Messenger;
  • preparation, sending and monitoring of email marketing;
  • ad campaign management;
  • creation of marketing automation for nutrition flow;
  • qualification of lead scoring;
  • automation for social networks;
  • automation of sales tools;
  • chatbot;
  • automation of registrations;
  • optimization of student recruitment;
  • optimization in student retention;
  • Artificial intelligence (AI).

These are just some of the many possible features of marketing automation e CRM da HubSpot.

Furthermore, it is worth highlighting that 4RevOps' differentiator is its expertise in integrating HubSpot tools with marketing strategies, interconnecting various systems to achieve the best possible results. In other words, through the work of the 4RevOps team, resources are integrated and, in this way, HubSpot tools are optimized and marketing actions achieve our clients' objectives.

Therefore, the HubSpot and 4RevOps partnership guarantees intelligence in marketing and very encouraging results.

With all this, it is easy to understand why 4RevOps was elected LATAM agency of the year in 2020, despite so much adversity. Furthermore, we can expect an even better future with the agency's expansion to Europe and the Middle East, benefiting clients around the world with excellent work through the partnership with HubSpot and the use of the best software for inbound marketing strategies.

Do you want to be part of this story and also achieve incredible results? Then schedule a meeting right now and find out how 4RevOps can help your company grow!

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