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Website optimization: how does it work? Find out why to invest!

Gustavo Goncalves
Gustavo Goncalves

Apr 19, 2024

Website optimization is a set of good practices aimed at improving the ranking of web pages on Google or other search engines. Therefore, anyone who invests in this strategy can achieve the best positions on search pages and significantly increase traffic to the company's website.

Therefore, understand what techniques are used to optimize a website, what their benefits are and why it is worth investing in this strategy. Check it out now!

How does website optimization work?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) means optimization for search engines. Therefore, website optimization works through SEO techniques to place your page in the best positions in search engines such as Google.

Therefore, learn what are the main SEO practices capable of optimizing your website to appear in first place on Google and greatly increase the number of visitors to your page.

Content production

Content production is a fundamental strategy for SEO marketing and Inbound Marketing. After all, it is because of your company's content that your website will appear as an answer in Google searches.

However, it is important to emphasize that it is necessary to produce relevant content. This is because search engines prioritize materials that really answer users’ questions. Therefore, quality content strengthens the brand's authority and works as a form of optimization for search engines, in addition to providing other benefits to the brand Content Marketing.


Without a doubt, the use of keywords is an essential SEO practice for successful website optimization, because keywords are one of the main criteria used in search pages to position websites in their search results.

Therefore, understand what techniques are used to optimize a website, what their benefits are and why it is worth investing in this strategy. Check it out now!

Website optimization how does it work? Find out why to invest! blogpost

Landing pages

The creation of landing pages enhances the chances of better ranking and also of attracting qualified leads. The use of landing pages is important to provide more complete materials, such as e-books, and request in return the contact information of the user interested in the content.

Therefore, this is an effective technique for both website optimization and the lead capture process.

Constant update

One of the SEO techniques that cannot be neglected is constantly updating your website's content and links. After all, recent information on the topic makes search engines understand your content as relevant, as it generates greater credibility and interest in the subject.

Updated content attracts more visitors, as users tend to click and read more current texts. In turn, Google better positions content with a higher click-through rate. Soon, one thing leads to another and your website traffic increases.

Use of videos

Search engines appreciate sites that use video content alongside text content. This happens because the algorithm understands that that website has greater relevance and provides a better user experience. Therefore, using videos on your blog is a great SEO strategy.


Pay attention to website performance

In addition to taking great care in producing relevant content, in accordance with SEO practices, it is also very important to pay attention to the technical performance of the website. After all, the importance of the website's performance is proportional to the importance of a good structure of the company's physical establishment.

Therefore, to ensure that your website appears among the best search results, it is essential to invest in technical SEO adjustments to optimize the functioning of the website as a whole.

Responsive website

A responsive website is a website that responds well on any electronic device. In other words, whether on your computer, cell phone or tablet, it is easy to navigate and access the content of the web page. Since most of the searches carried out in the world are carried out on smartphones, search engines prioritize responsive websites. Therefore, this technical adjustment is essential for SEO.

Website speed

There is a very strong relationship between site speed and SEO. This happens because a fast website improves the user experience and the search engine algorithm always seeks to offer the internet user a quick and satisfactory solution. Therefore, researches point out that the loading time of pages in the best positions on search engines is 1.9 seconds. Therefore, it is important to increase and monitor website speed for good optimization.


Beware of broken links

A broken link directs the user to a page that does not exist or cannot be found. This error can happen due to the malfunction or configuration of a website, and is quite harmful for SEO. After all, clicking on a link and coming across a 404 page is frustrating for the user, and search engines strive to avoid bad experiences. Therefore, broken links hinder your tracking on Google. Be careful with them!

Correct use of images

To avoid harming your SEO strategy, you need to be careful with heavy images. Because, as said, the speed of your website is an important factor. Therefore, make sure to use images that load quickly. Likewise, it is necessary to avoid broken images, as well as broken links. Additionally, it is interesting to add an ‘alt’ attribute to your image with the content keyword. This practice is excellent for SEO.

Website audit

Just as we need medical appointments with a certain frequency, it is also necessary to carry out a website audit frequently to ensure good SEO performance.

A website audit is a complete analysis to find out if there are any navigation or content issues. Once a problem is identified, it can and should be corrected. Therefore, constant audits are essential to ensure that your website does not present No harmful problems for search engine rankings. An interesting tip is to use the SEMrush for strategic SEO data.

These SEO techniques provide a good example of how website optimization works. In other words, search engine optimization consists of a series of content production and website maintenance practices. Therefore, it is a strategy that works to achieve the best positions in search engines and increase the number of visitors to a web page.

Now that you understand how website optimization works, find out what the benefits are and why it's worth investing in this strategy. Read until the end and clear all your doubts!

Why invest in website optimization?

Search engines can make all the difference to the success of your marketing strategy, and the data proves this. According to marketing statistics, 93% of online experiences start with a search engine, organic traffic equals 94% of all web traffic, 60% of users click on one of the first three search page results, and Google processes more than 40,000 searches every second.

It is not without reason that, according to research by HubSpot, 61% of marketers say that improving SEO techniques and growing online presence organically are the highest priorities for an Inbound Marketing strategy.

Therefore, to execute an efficient marketing strategy, improve the organic positioning it's at lead capture, it is necessary to invest in website optimization. But the benefits of investing in SEO marketing go further. So, check out a list of the main ones:

  • audience growth;
  • biggest source of leads;
  • qualified traffic;
  • investment savings;
  • brand authority;
  • improving user experience.

It is important to highlight that website optimization is a long-term strategy, and this is another reason to invest in SEO marketing. After all, search engines will continue to be used, and if your company does not invest in SEO techniques now, it will be greatly harmed in the future. On the other hand, investing in this strategy as soon as possible will provide incredible results and put your business ahead of its competitors.

Furthermore, the benefits of today's efforts will be long-lasting, as content produced with SEO practices will remain on search pages forever and constantly bring visitors. But remember: keep your content up to date for good performance!

Therefore, it is clear what search engines can do for your company and why it is worth investing in website optimization.

Now you know how SEO techniques work to optimize websites and increase traffic to your web page, as well as the various benefits and advantages of a website optimization strategy. Therefore, you will certainly not fail to invest in good SEO marketing to boost your business.

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