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Social media and inbound marketing strategies: how to apply?

Gustavo Goncalves
Gustavo Goncalves

Apr 22, 2024

Social media and inbound marketing strategies: how to apply?

Social media has a very large number of users and, therefore, is an excellent showcase for companies. Therefore, producing content for networks is an important action for the success of the Inbound Marketing strategy, especially in the lead attraction and generation stage.

Therefore, institutions that carry out content marketing and combine social media strategies with efficient inbound marketing achieve great results and stand out in the market.

Now understand the importance of combining social media and inbound marketing strategies and learn 4 tips on how to apply these actions in your institution to achieve incredible results. Read until the end and find out everything you need!

The importance of social media strategies for the success of marketing actions

Social media is a platform that offers a great opportunity for companies to establish contact with a large audience. Furthermore, in networks, it is possible to establish a humanized relationship that brings people closer to the person from the company. Therefore, it is important to use this resource to generate a good brand image and attract loyal customers who engage with your content.

Statistics prove the effectiveness of using networks in marketing actions. Check out:

  • 57% of consumers they say that social media influences their purchases;
  • 73% of businesspeople feel that online marketing is effective;
  • 71% of consumers who have a positive experience with a brand on social media are more likely to recommend the brand to family and friends.

After checking these statistics, it becomes clear how a brand's presence on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, for example, can provide incredible results when aligned with content marketing and inbound marketing. After all, since inbound marketing is a strategy that uses content production with the aim of attracting customers, disseminating this content on social media is a great way to achieve the desired results.

Therefore, it is important to apply the inbound marketing and content marketing methodology on social media to reap more rewards and stand out in the market.

Now that you understand why it is so important for a brand to be present on social media using the inbound methodology, also find out what are the best tips for you to apply to your institution's social media and inbound marketing strategy. Continue reading!


4 tips on how to apply the inbound marketing methodology on social media

One thing is certain: content is a strategy. Therefore, nothing on your institution's social media should be there by chance or without a clear objective for the marketing team.

Therefore, learn how to act strategically, using the inbound methodology on social networks to achieve excellent results.

Understand the operation and proposal of each social network

Each social media works differently, he meets a different audience and has a different purpose. For example, Twitter is essentially a network of short, quick texts, while Instagram focuses more on images and videos. Another important factor to take into account is the difference in the algorithm between networks.

Therefore, to correctly apply a good inbound marketing and content marketing strategy on social media, it is necessary to understand how each platform works, in order to produce the right content according to the specificities of each one. Furthermore, it is essential to know your institution's persona in depth and know which social networks they use, as well as what content they most like to interact with (videos, memes, gifs, texts, polls, stories, etc.).

Social media and inbound marketing strategies: how to apply? blog

Have a plan and frequency of posts

Content is a strategy, and no strategy is efficient without planning. Therefore, it is essential to have a group of qualified professionals to develop and execute intelligent planning for marketing actions on digital platforms.

Another important factor for successful social media marketing is the frequency of posts. This is because, without frequency and consistency, public engagement is much lower and it is difficult to achieve good lead generation.

Therefore, planning is important to maintain the necessary frequency and achieve the desired goals.

Direct users to your website

For efficient lead generation, it is essential to guide your person for your website, for your blog or for a landing page. This is because, on social media, the audience is dispersed and your content is being competed with several others, however, on a page just for your company, the user's attention will only be focused on your content.

Other than that, it is important to increase traffic to your website, blog or landing page, as that is where the visitor will become the lead by offering his contact information.

Therefore, bet on calls to action (CTA) and direct the audience to content outside of social media.

Explore different features to engage your audience

As mentioned, each social media has its own particularities and each offers different resources. Therefore, learn about all the possibilities for content production, find out what is providing greater engagement, stay on top of Tendencies and explore all alternatives.

With these good practices, it is possible to produce relevant content for your persona, capable of providing engagement and increasing lead generation, bringing several benefits to your institution through the integrated inbound methodology and applied to social media strategies.

Therefore, it is clear how important it is to combine inbound marketing with the production of content for social networks, as well as what are the 5 best tips for applying this strategy in your institution's marketing actions. From this, it is possible to reach a large audience to generate greater traffic on the company's website, achieve more leads and better results.

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