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A new website in need

Gustavo Goncalves
Gustavo Goncalves

Dec 29, 2018

A new website in need

The challenge

Unigranrio was having problems converting their contacts and visitors on their website, they didn't measure contacts, leads and generate anything other than opportunities, they were'nt aware of their websiter potential.

The diagnosis

First we looked on their website and try to make the optimal way to conversion there, we saw that you needed an awful number of clicks to get where they wanted. Yet, if our contacts knew where they would have to go on our website would be a victory already, but the old site was confusing and didn't have CTAs.

The solution

New Comercial Website

To reach the objectives, the beginning was a reformulation of the site, having a more commercial purpose and making it easier for leads to execute the desired action.

We used a Growth Driven Design approach, lauching a webiste within the first 45 days of contract. The website was already complete, but one could say it was also a bit rough on the edges, so with de GDD methodology, we launched it so we could have results fast, as low hanging fruits, and optimized along the way.

We put premium inbound content on their pages, content they were looking for, CTAs and also forms so people could subscribe to our newsletter.

2018-12-29 11_47_27-Window 2018-12-29 11_47_40-Window


2018-12-29 11_47_50-Window

The results

This is how their old site looked like

site velho

And this is their new site:

site novo

As we changed their website, worked with it's SEO and content marketing, these are the results we've got on traffic, lead generation and forms conversion.

Website Traffic:

2018-12-29 00_57_04-Window

Blog Traffic:

2018-12-29 11_59_14-Window

Number of new contacts converted on content well placed on their website:


Original Source from the list above, being 28,47% from organic traffic:

2018-12-29 11_53_43-Window

Original Source from all their contacts, 16,4% organic:

2018-12-29 11_38_54-Window

Form conversion:

2018-12-29 11_56_11-Window-1

Form conversion:

2018-12-29 11_56_03-Window-1

Number of total sessions:

2018-12-29 12_04_17-Window

With this new website we were able to measure the results, bring new contacts to our client and tap into a piece of the sales funnel that they weren't even aware of.


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