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How to generate more opportunities to capture leads online?

Gustavo Goncalves
Gustavo Goncalves

Apr 15, 2024

How to generate more opportunities to capture leads online?

To increase a company's profits, it is necessary to increase the number of sales and customers. Therefore, investing in strategies that optimize lead capture is the secret to achieving success for your business. After all, the more leads, the more sales opportunities.

There are several marketing strategies that you need to know to attract more customers and provide greater profit for your company. Therefore, understand the benefits of investing in capturing leads and how inbound marketing and content marketing generate great sales opportunities. Check it out now and achieve success for your institution!

The benefits of investing in capturing leads

A lead is a potential customer who has shown interest in your company's service or product, as well as provided information for your team to get in touch with. In other words, a lead is an opportunity to start a relationship with a consumer and also a possible sale. In educational marketing, for example, this means a greater recruitment of students.

Therefore, it is easy to understand what the benefits of investing in capturing leads are, right? But in addition to increasing the number of sales and, consequently, the company's profit, a good lead capture strategy also offers benefits, such as accelerating sales time, increasing employee productivity and greater use of opportunities.

Now that you understand the importance and benefits of capturing leads, learn how to generate more business opportunities with inbound marketing and content marketing strategies. Continue reading!

How to generate more opportunities to capture leads online

How inbound marketing generates opportunities to capture leads

The term inbound marketing stands for attraction marketing. Therefore, it is a set of strategies with the aim of attracting and converting customers. Therefore, inbound marketing uses a series of techniques to attract visitors and transform them into leads, one of these techniques being content marketing.

It is extremely important to produce content so that potential customers are attracted and offer their contact information in exchange for relevant information that your company offers.

To give a practical example, think about the following consumer journey in educational marketing: the person does an internet search on how to prepare for the entrance exam, how your marketing team uses a good SEO strategy, the persona finds a blog post from your institution as a search result and then visits your blog. Once your content is relevant, the person is interested in reading a free ebook that the institution offers in exchange for contact information. Ready! Your visitor became a lead.

Therefore, inbound marketing and content production are the way to generate more leads and increase the recruitment of students to an educational institution effectively. Read until the end and learn how to apply these strategies in your institution.

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The step-by-step guide to efficient lead capture

Capturing leads requires traffic generation tactics, production of rich materials, marketing automation, among other resources. Therefore, see below what are the main steps to execute an efficient strategy and generate business opportunities for your company.

Create your persona and follow the sales funnel

To develop interesting content capable of converting a visitor into a lead, it is necessary to understand who will read this content. Therefore, it is very important that the company creates a person and knows how to communicate with her. A persona is a semi-fictional character that represents your ideal customer.

After understanding who the content is being made for, you need to understand how your business's sales funnel works and follow the lead's journey within the funnel. A valuable tip is to use the lead scoring.

Offer relevant content

After knowing your persona and understanding how your company's sales funnel works, it's time to offer relevant content to attract visitors and convert them into leads. But pay attention, the content must really be interesting and relevant to your persona! The idea is to help the reader find the answers they are looking for and solve a problem.

So give advice and tips, develop a guide, create an infographic, write blog posts, ebooks etc. After all, it is through these rich materials that your lead will be attracted and encouraged to offer contact information to your team.

Furthermore, relevant content also improves brand recognition, increases the institution's authority and helps with SEO strategies. Therefore, be sure to invest in good materials.

Do good lead nurturing

The moment of lead nurturing It is essential to guide the consumer through the sales funnel and convert them into a customer of your company. This is because the potential customer has already demonstrated that they are interested in your service or product, so it is time to nurture the lead to increase the chances of closing a deal.

Therefore, for educational institutions to increase the number of students, it is not enough to just have an extensive list of contacts, it is necessary to qualify them and, in fact, enroll them. For this, marketing automation works very well, being the email marketing an essential strategy for converting leads into customers.

Therefore, to gain a greater number of leads, it is necessary to create a persona and define a sales funnel. Once this is done, it's time to attract visitors through relevant content and offer rich materials in exchange for the potential customer's contact information. Finally, the lead must be nurtured to consolidate itself as a sale.

Therefore, it is possible to understand the importance and benefits of investing in capturing leads. Furthermore, it is clear how inbound marketing and content marketing are efficient strategies for generating more business opportunities for your institution, providing more profit and achieving success.

But capturing leads is not the only advantage of content marketing. Want to know more? So, get to know, now, the 6 objectives that can be achieved with content marketing!

How prospecting leads on linkedin?

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