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Growth accelerated by Sales Enablement

Gustavo Goncalves
Gustavo Goncalves

Sep 30, 2018

Growth accelerated by Sales Enablement

In between giants and stagnated growth

The challenge

The University of Dom Bosco, was stuck in its growth, having less than 2800 students and without being able to surpass the plateau of 3000 students. Despite having innovation in its pedagogical model, the brand had many mistakes and problems in the recruitment process, which did stop its growth, besides not having a CRM record of all its contacts.

Because of its problems, UNDB decided to hire Mkt4edu to reverse the picture.

The diagnosis

The first step taken was a marketing analysis of the situation of UNDB, aiming to understand the internal processes and strategies used in the recruitment of students, as well as what was in the way of the results of the HEI.

The objectives

  • Reduce the CAC
  • Increase the productivity of their commercial operation.
  • Achieve Smarketing

The solution

New Comercial Website

To reach the objectives, the beginning was a reformulation of the site, having a more commercial purpose and making it easier for leads to execute the desired action.

The Commercial Processes

Modernizing a brand goes far beyond creating a new logo or a more attractive layout. It is necessary to review processes, make them more efficient and aligned with the expectations of the target audience. And that's what Mkt4edu did.

Together with the UNDB team, Mkt4edu re-elaborated the internal processes, implemented the new CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and helped in the training of their sales team.

The Inbound Marketing

In order to capture more qualified leads and feed the sales function of the UNDB, Mkt4edu developed a complete inbound marketing strategy, creating an institutional blog and producing optimized content for the search mechanisms. The idea was to improve the visibility of the brand on the Internet and, at the same time, convert visitors into leads with the production of rich and relevant content for the public of the institution.

Lead nutrition strategies were also implemented by e-mail and SMS, personalized attention via chat and increased all the communication channels of HEI with students, as well as social networks.

Marketing Automation

The chosen tool was the Hubspot marketing automation software, the biggest in the current market.

With Hubspot, the new site was created, fully integrated into the institution's blog. We also developed strategies for the capture and conversion of leads, such as the creation of landing pages, e-books and e-mail marketing.

Sales Enablement

In the commercial part, first of all we had to achieve smarketing, so now the marketing and sales team had the same goals, there was internal training of the team, going through the subject of Inbound and Inbound Sales, all the interactions were now in the CRM, besides the having every audiolog inside Hubspot, forming an immense bank of audio data to potentiate the strategies of recruitment of students.

In addition, the content was used by the sales team, so every content that was created was also passed to the commercial sector indicating in which situations to use and in which phase of the buyer's journey, as well as a complete playbook to the sales team.




The results

After these actions, the process of Inbound Sales already works well in the institution and here is what we've got:

  • A decrease of 45% in the CAC compared to the same period of the previous year
  • An improvement in the rate of conversion in 10%
  • 32% more enrollments compared to the previous year.
  • Today the institution has the largest number of students in its 16-year history
  • Marketing and Sales team working together to achieve it's new goals


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Technologies we use

The world changes all the time and technology is no different! Here at Mkt4Edu, technology is in our DNA, we work with many different softwares to make the whole process of automation and artificial intelligence work more efficiently and achieve more results.

Here, new softwares are tested all the time. Modern tools and new functionalities are tested all the time, there were already more than 200 tests so you can have the best result in your institution.

From customer acquisition to retention: Mkt4edu can make the difference in your marketing operation.


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