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Is your site really prepared for prospect conversion?

Web Design is a fundamental part of marketing strategy. In addition to making your site easier to navigate, whether on a phone, tablet or computer, it also offers solutions directly linked to converting visitors into leads and then new enrollments.

In addition, Web Design is an important tool for making your dialogue with your audience more user-friendly. Choosing the colors, fonts, and organization of information is crucial for your potential students to understand the messages and, more than that, engage with your brand.



Harmony to improve brand awareness


Part of a good educational marketing strategy is to harmonize the elements of design in a way that generates brand awareness to its stakeholders, whether internal or external.

In short, this means that whenever a person sees a certain set of colors, fonts, and visual elements, he or she automatically remembers your brand. This strategy, when applied in the online and offline environments, is able to bring greater results to your educational institution.

In addition to positioning the institution as a reference point, which helps to attract and generate new enrollments, it also creates a more recognizable environment for students and contributes to a more comfortable interaction with them.

What to expect from Web Design
for educational institutions


Harmony of graphic elements

Get a greater brand awareness and more confidence in your digital interactions with website harmonization, email marketing, social networking, landing pages and all other digital components of your educational institution.



Increased site conversion

Generate more leads from the visitors you receive daily on your site by adopting usability and conversion measures. Stop wasting these opportunities by using a quality Web Design!


Increase your conversion possibilities

Create landing pages optimized for each course, brand or segment of the institution. Combine that with macro strategies of your educational marketing and see the results multiply.


More results in social networks

Results-driven Web Design is able to increase engagement in your social networks, driving more visitors to the site and increasing conversion possibilities.


Thinking mobile

Dialogue with your audience on a notebook, desktop, smartphone or tablet. Responsiveness is also important to improve your position on Google result pages!


Loading speed

Make your site and conversion pages faster and easier to upload. In addition to contributing to increasing the site's visitors, this is also an important factor in your SEO strategy.


Increase the perception of value

The harmony of colors and fonts, coupled with the organization of the information and responsiveness of the pages, directly contributes to increasing the perception of value of your institution.

Be the first on Google Results

Factors such as site responsiveness and page load speed when combined with quality content are critical for your educational institution to appear first in Google searches.

Web Design is creativity, intelligence, and technology working together

Excellent Web Design combines ranking and usability factors with important factors on color psychology, gestalt, typography and visual language techniques to achieve the goals of your institution.

Having a team specialized in educational marketing is an important component to harmonizing all your interactions in the virtual environment and, most importantly, improving the overall results for your educational institution.

With Hubspot CMS we create websites, blogs and landing pages perfectly optimized for search engines in an easy, intuitive and efficient way. Each page on your site becomes a reliable data source that optimizes your student recruitment strategies.

Offer more beautiful and assertive communications with your audiences, generate value for your institution's brand, and increase conversions from your site and all of your promotional landing pages!

Why do Web Design with MKT4EDU?


MKT4EDU is the largest Hubspot marketing agency for the educational sector in the world. We invest in technology, business intelligence and the best professionals in the industry to build a renowned brand for your educational institution.

We are a Platinum partner at Hubspot, the world's largest digital marketing company, and use all the technology and marketing intelligence of the Hubspot platform to optimize your digital presence, delivering the agility and quality you need for your enrollment team to earn even more enrollments!

Our creative team is working daily to implement cutting edge Web Design strategies so that your educational institution can be present on the Internet and attract more and more students.


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