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Hubspot automates every marketing action and gives your institution the ability to scale communication with leads, students, and prospective students.

With CMS Hubspot you can create websites, educational blogs, landing pages, email marketing pieces, and integrate your actions with social networks into a single management platform that brings intuitive dashboards and real-time data analysis.

Another must-have solution is CRM Hubspot, where you can manage your enrollment funnel for your educational institution and still integrate the lead data into the CMS Hubspot, bringing together all the information you need for a more consistent and responsive student recruitment process.




Monitoring the behavior of students coming to you is getting easier every day, with technologies like LuckyOrange!

LuckyOrange monitors each user’s experience and time spent on every area of a website, and aggregates that data to help direct the institution’s Web Design strategies. It also indicates where users stop for a longer period of time in a certain content piece and analyzes the traffic of your web pages in real time!

Track minute by minute where your site visitors are, what pages they view, and for how long. Understand the traffic sources to your site, the keywords that drive visitors, and how each lead behaves through your conversion funnel!




SemRush is an SEO analysis tool that has come to change the way we do digital marketing.

Site auditing gives you an overview of your institutional site's performance and provides a number of tips for optimizing and improving your online positioning, which is reflected in more visitors and enrollments, of course!

Branding, link building, ad builder and other insights are used to leverage your organic traffic and complement the suite of solutions brought by SemRush and used by MKT4EDU in your digital marketing planning!





Having a website optimized for search engines is essential to attract visitors and drive more conversions. This is why Moz is part of the technologies we use at MKT4EDU.

With this web analytics tool, we have identified the best organic placement strategies for your educational institution, evaluating the quality of each page of your site and the content in it.

From the insights collected, we outline strategic plans and devise online marketing actions that will take your brand to the top of Google!



We believe that every day more and more, we will move to conversions that go beyond forms. That's why we're now partners with Drift, the world's best conversion bot. Do it with MKT4Edu and break down barriers to convert more! Convert 3 times more.



Data analysis is increasingly powerful in the educational universe and dictates the best strategies for capturing and retaining students. That is why Tableau is part of the set of technologies used by MKT4EDU.

With this technology, we know in depth who your students are, and what they want and need from your educational institution. So, we know exactly what marketing strategies to develop to bring more enrollments to you.

Personalization, engagement, and satisfaction. These are the benefits you will reap as you begin to use Tableau in partnership with MKT4EDU!