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Are your classrooms empty throughout the year?

Beginning of the school year is always a wonder, especially after a well-crafted educational marketing campaign.

Full rooms, lively students, motivated teachers. But over the course of the year, the empty spaces are popping up and, when you realize it, the class has already been reduced a lot.

Is this scenario common in your institution? In fact, the number of students enrolled in higher education in Brazil has increased in recent years, but inn face-to-face teaching, the dropout rate is around 27%, while in distance education, the dropout rate reaches more than 32%. How about changing that reality?


Student retention is proactivity and relationship



When it comes to keeping students satisfied and attending classes, one must go beyond teaching quality. It is necessary to know the real needs of each student and to treat them in a personalized way.

Among the reasons that leads to most college dropouts are financial issues, intellectual interest, prior knowledge about the course, family support, college counseling, and career counseling. In other words, the responsibilities of your institution are to go beyond the art of educating and training professionals!

That is why retaining students requires proactivity in the relationship, dialogue between educational institutions and students, and a deep understanding of the context in which they live.

What to expect from a student retention strategy with predictive diagnosis


Agility in decision making

Knowing the reasons that can lead a student to drop out before it happens, it becomes easier to develop retention strategies and thus reduce dropout rates.


Greater engagement

Students who feel valued and heard develop a greater engagement with the educational institution, remaining in the classroom even in with the day-to-day struggles.

Higher renewal rates 

Most classroom drop outs occur in between  semesters. With predictive diagnosis, your institution can take preventive measures and avoid this matter before it happens.

Reduced marketing costs

To get new students costs more money than keeping those who are already enrolled, so the better your retention strategy, the lower your educational marketing costs will be.


Increased profitability

As your educational institution retains more students, the revenue stream remains constant, contributing to the financial health of the company.


Better reputation and credibility

The greater the number of undergraduates on the market, the greater will be the credibility and reputation of their educational institution in the educational universe, which attracts new students and contributes to the sustainability of their HEI.




Student retention is done with predictive analytics and business intelligence

Competitiveness in the educational market is enormous. In this sense, more than developing engaging advertising campaigns, it is necessary to invest in great relationships, generating value for your students every day.

That's why at MKT4EDU we use the most up-to-date predictive analytics technologies to determine what are the reasons that can lead your students to drop out of the course and also the most effective strategies to keep them in the classroom.

We diagnose the weight of each of the factors in the decision making of each student and act proactively to control these variables in order to avoid avoidance long before it is considered by the student.





Why invest in student retention and predictive analytics with MKT4EDU




MKT4EDU has developed a methodology that allows us to identify the reasons that may lead students to drop out as soon as they start taking classes.

So you know the profile of your students right from the start and can develop personalized educational marketing strategies, increasing the effectiveness of communication and relationships with your academic community.

To ensure effective student retention results, we select the best data analysis and marketing automation technologies to make your educational institution a success. Contact us and learn more about this breakthrough that has hit the market to leverage your student retention rate!


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