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Is your institution ready to grow enrollments?

Most educational institutions are striving to increase their student populations. But few invest in the right strategic marketing planning that utilizes scalable growth strategies.

Traditional marketing has long proven to be expensive and does not guarantee success, so institutions need to innovate and use the full potential of technology and data analysis to see enrollments grow.

Successfully scaling enrollment means automating marketing, collecting behavioral data, analyzing performance indicators, and optimizing strategies in real time, saving time, reducing costs, and reaching the right audience.


To plan is to look to the future, predict results and achieve them


To increase enrollments, you need to find your potential students and then establish a dialogue, right? Which means you need to know the most effective communication channels for this process. And this is precisely what we do!

With MKT4EDU, your educational marketing efforts are focused only on strategies that deliver effective results. We use the right technology to monitor the performance of each action taken and adjust both budgets and strategies accordingly, in a constant improvement cycle that constantly brings better results as time goes on.

What to expect from your school's strategic planning


Strategic Marketing Channels

More than having a presence on and offline, your educational institution must be in the right places to attract new students. And MKT4EDU knows exactly where, when and why you should invest!

Most effective messages

Strategic educational marketing planning also involves knowing what to say, to whom, how, when and on what channel. And our staff is ready to develop personalized messages that appeal to more and more students!

Leads ready for conversion

The role of strategic marketing in educational institutions is to prepare leads for conversion as quickly and efficiently as possible, so we collect, analyze, and combine behavioral data using our experience and technology.

Most profitable campaigns

With data analysis, we optimize every campaign in your institution, reducing efforts and maximizing results, that is, generate more enrollments!

More productive enrollments

When leads arrive from marketing ready to make a decision, all your enrollment advisors have to do is complete the enrollments, without having to circumvent objections or listen to concerns.

Lower marketing cost

Online and offline educational marketing strategies, when integrated, accelerate results and further reduce your marketing costs, allowing you to attract more students without busting the budget.

Higher return on marketing investments

The financial results of strategic educational marketing may be even better for you. Invest in MKT4EDU - professionals specializing in working with institutions just like yours.

Scalable growth

By applying the best educational marketing strategies, there is only one possible result for your educational institution: growth based on experience, data, and technology!

Strategic educational marketing planning, only with the best!

Technology, innovation, experience, business intelligence, combined with the best partners for generating results in educational marketing. This is what you will find when you get to know the MKT4EDU team up close.

We use technologies that allow you to collect, analyze and monitor data such as Hubspot, SalesForce, LuckyOrange, and Kissmetrics, among others, to promote the success of your educational marketing and monitor the performance of your institution on and offline.

If you want success in your educational marketing, learn more about our team and what we can do for you!


Why trust your institution’s strategy to MKT4EDU?


MKT4EDU is the largest educational marketing agency in Brazil, Mexico, and the United States and is also Hubspot's largest educational partner worldwide. We recruit more students than any other agency in the world!

This means that your educational institution can count on the most knowledgeable professionals in the market to develop an excellent educational marketing strategy customized for you.

We bring together all of our marketing expertise into a highly qualified team ready to make use of the latest technology in the industry to help you succeed.

Please contact us and discover a new way to dramatically improve results for your school!


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