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Is your marketing strategy from the last century?

Nothing more discouraging than to see your institution losing students to the competition every year, isn't it? But have you ever stopped to think that the way to communicate with your audience may be in the last century?

Folders distributed in the streets, flyers at school doors, cars in the neighborhood. And no one comes to you. This scenario can change, believe me!

With a small monthly investment you can have the best educational marketing team available to your school or college and still have the largest marketing automation tool on the market: Hubspot!


Mkt4Edu SMB is technology and innovation applied to educational marketing!

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No educational institution needs to be large to have access to the facilities that technology applied to educational marketing can bring.

With Mkt4Edu, you have the chance to implement an agile, efficient, and work-generating model! Mkt4Edu SMB is a SaaS (Software as a Service) business model where you choose the best marketing plan for your school or college and make the hiring completely online.

Then it's up to the Mkt4Edu team to plan, automate and reap the results for you!

What can you expect by hiring the Mkt4Edu SMB?

SMB stands for Small and Midsize Businesses, a service that is totally focused on the needs of small and medium-sized educational institutions looking for market positioning, competitiveness and, of course, more enrollments!
Check out the advantages:


By producing personalized content for your audience and optimized with the best SEO techniques, your educational institution can reach the first results of Google searches!

More visitors to your website

Well-positioned sites on Google attract more visitors and establish direct communication with potential students, stirring interest and generating more enrollments!

Smarter sales

No more chasing after parents and students! With tools like Hubspot Sales Professional, you have more efficient ways to communicate with prospects and leads and convert them to students!

Reduced marketing effort

Marketing automation enables you to scale communication with parents and students and keep your brand always present, strengthening the engagement of your audience and making conversions faster and more efficiently!

Lower marketing cost

With Mkt4Edu SMB, you also save your marketing budget by using smarter digital marketing strategies that result in more students, in less time and at less cost! 

Specialized team 

With Mkt4Edu, you can count on the largest student recruitment company in Latin America, which means highly qualified professionals and focused on what you need the most: students in your classroom! 

Monitoring results

One of the biggest difficulties of schools and colleges is to monitor the performance of educational marketing actions. With the advisory of our team, you will know exactly how your money is invested and what kind of return it brings!

Innovative Technologies

Here at Mkt4Edu, we only use technologies that bring results and are at the forefront of the market. The good news is that you will also have access to them by signing one of Mkt4Edu's SMB plans!

Increased competitiveness

The educational market is becoming more competitive every day and you need to turn the tables to keep growing. That's what we want by offering SMB Mkt4Edu as a smart, innovative and totally online model of marketing!

Every tool that the big ones use, you can have it as well!

The myth that only large educational institutions achieve a good market position is over.

With Mkt4Edu SMB, all technologies used by the largest educational groups can also be used by you! In inbound marketing for educational institutions, we use Hubspot, the world's largest marketing automation platform! It is with Hubspot Sales that we will leverage your registrations once and for all!

In addition, to make your positioning better every day, we also offer our data intelligence in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies, using the most renowned tools in the national and international market: Moz and SemRush.



Why hire Mkt4Edu SMB?

All of Mkt4Edu's business intelligence to leverage your results in educational marketing and thus earn more enrollment is at your reach!

We have 4 categories of services for small and medium educational institutions and one of them certainly corresponds to what you need at the moment. Check out:

With Hubspot, the world's largest inbound marketing platform, we create websites, blogs, landing pages and automate your workflow to a closer relationship with your audience.

The Basic and Professional Sales CRM modules are guaranteed by the scalability of enrollments and the increase in conversions, as well as reducing their costs in attracting leads and students.

With Social, your social networks will never be left without a publication, fomenting the dialogue with the future students. It's more visibility for your brand!

Blogs and e-book posts are geared toward attracting and converting leads, as they can have access to new quality content standards when choosing a school.

Oh, and we can not forget the reports and the strategy of SEO, that is, the site of your educational institution in Google search results!

Are you going to stand still or will you change your educational institution into a true enrollment machine?

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