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Does your educational institution have an offline presence?

The success of an educational institution begins with the way it communicates with the people closest to it: the students who live or work nearby.

Physical media, such as billboards and graphic pieces, have a definite impact on students' perception of value in relation to an educational institution, and play a key role in maintaining or increasing enrollments.

If you want to improve your chances of attracting and converting students, you can’t be limited to campaigns that are exclusively online or offline. You need to integrate them intelligently, maximizing results.


Outbound marketing focuses on relationship and branding


Online media has the ability to connect your brand to hundreds of students. But offline strategies have a different battle to win: face to face.

Whenever a student comes face to face with an educational institution and has the opportunity to speak with an enrollment advisor, the ability to improve credibility increases and the chances of achieving new enrollments grow.

This is because the relationship established is more personal, based on the confidence that the enrollment advisor portrays when giving information to the student.

In other words, offline marketing strategies remain as important as online for generating results!

Find Out All About Outbound Marketing

What to expect from outbound marketing to educational institutions


Higher quality campaigns

A well-structured outbound strategy takes into account a series of behavioral data that help convert people into leads and leads into students.

Using data to improve results

Contrary to what many people believe, it is possible to collect real-time data from offline campaigns and optimize all your educational marketing strategies at the same time!

Leads ready for enrollment

Relationship leads to interaction, which leads to trust and faster decision making. This translates into qualified leads delivering enrollments in record time.

Higher conversion rates

Outbound marketing is not just offline. An SEM campaign is also part of the set of outbound marketing strategies. With integrated online and offline, your conversion rates get better!

Ease of data management

With Hubspot CRM, your education institution has all the data it needs to manage inbound sales campaigns in an agile and efficient manner, capturing and converting leads both in person and online.

More clicks on your emails

Transactional emails generate up to eight times more clicks than other types of messages and bring up to six times more revenue. These are ideal for follow up campaigns, as well as graduate and transfer enrollment campaigns!

Higher student retention

As outbound and inbound teams together provide an all-round experience for students, retention rates can increase, providing significant improvements in the lifetime value of a student.

Best results for your institution

While inbound marketing attracts students naturally, outbound marketing is used to find those students who weren’t previously ready to make a decision, and convert them to enrollments. Combining the two methods means more students for your institution!

Outbound marketing is done with technology, data, and experience

There was a time when it was virtually impossible to collect reliable data from outbound marketing campaigns. Today, with the right tools, we can analyze the effectiveness of each investment based on the actual performance of your team in completing the enrollments!

And of course, here at MKT4EDU, we make use of the best data analysis technologies, analyzing information from online and offline sources to optimize your campaigns and attract more students to your educational institution.

With Google Adwords, we create, run, and monitor your sponsored Google search strategies, driving more conversions every day. Your email marketing strategies are created, deployed and optimized with the help of Hubspot, the world's largest marketing automation tool!


Why invest in Outbound Marketing with MKT4EDU?


Educational marketing strategies online and offline are the core business of MKT4EDU. Throughout our history, we have brought together the most knowledgeable professionals to develop and implement strategies and processes that bring effective results to the education market.

Our team of experts makes use of the latest data analysis technologies to gain accurate insights into student behavior and uses that knowledge to drive results.

Want to integrate your educational marketing actions and attract more students? Contact us!


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