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Is your educational institution ready for mobile?

Reports published by The Wireless Association indicate that wireless subscribers in the United States now exceed 110% of the total US population, with millenials being the largest users of mobile devices today. Do you know what this means for your educational institution?

Mobility is everything in educational marketing! These figures make it clear that the educational institution that wants to stand out in the virtual environment must be ready to develop sophisticated mobile marketing strategies.



While smaller screens and slower connections require investments to improve responsiveness and agility in loading your layouts, the benefits of custom messaging possibilities such as SMS Marketing and WhatsApp Marketing offer a whole new range of opportunities to increase the number of students who enroll.


Mobile marketing requires flexibility, innovation, and technology


Who knew, ten years ago, that we could carry an entire universe of information on devices as small as smartphones? And that students could attend classes, interact with colleagues, and work through mobile apps?

If communication has evolved, educational marketing needs to adapt along with it! Being mobile means having the flexibility that your students and prospective students need to interact with your educational institution.

Whether on the bus, on a school break or at lunchtime, your educational institution can accompany these students wherever they are and generate value through direct and personalized communication with SMS or WhatsApp messages.

What results can you expect
from Mobile Marketing?

Better placement on Google

Do you want your educational institution to appear on the first page of Google? You need to invest in responsive websites that perfectly fit the mobile universe.



More enrollments

Responsive pages do not just contribute to better placement on Google searches. They also greatly increase conversion rates, that is, more enrollment for your educational institution!


More Effective Campaigns

To have effective campaigns, nothing works better than reaching prospects close to you through effective marketing strategies. This is possible with personalized messages sent at the right time to result in conversion.


Direct communication without internet

You can speak directly to each student, in a personalized, friendly and targeted way, using SMS Marketing. And as a bonus: it works without the need for an internet connection!


Greater awareness of your audience

Each interaction with an SMS message generates insight or brings new data that you can use to optimize your educational marketing strategies. And our strategies include following each interaction and incorporating it into a comprehensive conversion strategy!


Greater engagement

SMS has a response rate over 95%. Whatsapp, in turn, is the most used instant messenger in the world. With these two tools, your engagement rates are sure to rise!


Lower marketing cost

With just a few cents per message, you keep your brand close to your audience and ready for immediate response, be it through SMS messages or through WhatsApp.


Highest response rate

SMS messages are read in up to 3 minutes and have a much higher response rate than other targeted communication strategies such as email marketing.


The most disruptive technologies on the market are now within your reach

Here at MKT4EDU, we use the latest technologies to turn your enrollment team into an enrollment machine.

With Hubspot CRM, we implement your inbound enrollment strategy and automate all of your core enrollment processes, giving your advisors more time to devote to what really matters: building relationships with students.

We set up your tools for nurturing and conversion; we create the templates for agile and personalized communications; we help in setting goals and KPIs, and we assist your educational institution in saving time and money!

Why inbound sales with MKT4EDU


We specialize in recruiting students for educational institutions and, above all, we love with what we do!

We use the most innovative technologies available to attract, educate and convert prospects into students at your institution, whether it's a school, college, university, or professional qualification course.

You can count on us to craft your inbound enrollment strategy, automate your inbound enrollment activities, and monitor your results on a daily basis.

Schedule a meeting right now and find out what our team can do for you!


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