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Is your institution prepared to handle a thousand more leads each month? What about a hundred thousand, or a million?

When we talk about marketing automation we are building a system to manage the communications of your educational institution to thousands and even millions of potential students.


Through automation of emails, SMS, blogs, content delivery, and prospect nurturing flows, it is possible to increase leads, expand your dialogue with those leads, and finally, enroll more students.


Increase enrollments, reduce costs


Automation is a critical part of inbound marketing as it enables you to communicate individually with a virtually infinite number of potential students while dramatically reducing the operating costs to do so.

Through agile and efficient communication, it is possible to deliver the right message, to the right person and, critically, at just the right time. How? With the Hubspot platform!

In addition, automation allows you to track the results at the most granular level, proving the return on your investment and providing the data necessary for your marketing team to optimize the strategy.

With marketing automation, you can integrate the software you already use with other tools, such as Hubspot, SalesForce, Microsoft Dynamics and Talisma. That way your enrollment and marketing teams can act in sync to generate even more enrollments!

What to expect from marketing
automation for educational institutions?


Nurturing of up to millions of leads simultaneously

Get better results in your campaigns by targeting the right content, to the right person, at the right time, regardless of the volume of contacts. With Hubspot's intelligent nurturing flows this is all possible!



Reduction of costs

Automate personalized SMS and email messages, monitor open rates, and streamline your responses in seconds, saving valuable time and resources for your team.


More accurate metrics

Automation provides accurate metrics on how every SMS, email, blog post, ebook, white paper and infographic is performing. This information is vital when calculating ROI, determining next strategy steps, and optimizing your budget.


High quality leads for the sales team

The automated lead nurturing process allows you to determine a lead score in order to provide the sales team the higher priority contacts who are really prepared to enrollment. Less sales advisor time, and more enrollments!


More traffic to your site

With the automation of marketing flows, it is possible to maintain a dialogue with leads, students, alumni, and old prospects. This results in increased site traffic, better ranking on Google, and reactivation of potential students as viable prospects.


Creating custom lists

Custom lists allow you to integrate your online and offline strategies efficiently and inexpensively, improving campaign targeting and conversions


No waste of contacts

With custom lists you can re-chat even with old leads, offering new content and re-activating those who are still interested in your institution.

More enrollments

Marketing automation means efficiency, agility, and accuracy when it comes to turning visitors into leads and leads into students. With Hubspot, the whole process of capturing students becomes easier!

Marketing automation is results-focused technology

For marketing automation to generate the expected results, you must configure the software correctly according to your specific situation. That way you can take advantage of all the potential that this technology offers for your educational institution.

MKT4EDU has extensive experience with marketing automation in the educational field. In 2017 we won the Rookie of the Year Award, awarded by Hubspot to the company that generated the most results in Latin America.

We are also partners of the top marketing and enrollment software in the market, such as Hubspot, Sales Force, MailChimp, and WordPress. This ensures we can help you integrate different platforms that are right for you, generating even better results for your institution without increasing implementation costs!

Why rely on MKT4EDU for your institution's marketing automation?


Educational institutions throughout the Western Hemisphere already count on MKT4EDU's experience in attracting new students. We offer all the necessary support, from the generation of a lead to the closing of enrollment, and beyond.

Our team has the top digital marketing certificates issued by the largest companies in the world, such as Google and Hubspot. In addition, our network partners with the most utilized software platforms on the market, which is critical to improving results.

Get in contact now with an expert and understand what MKT4EDU can offer to your educational institution!


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