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Is your sales team really ready for inbound sales?

Many educational institutions lose valuable opportunities to enroll students by not following a properly designed and implemented inbound sales process.

Institutions frequently try to enroll students before they are ready to make a decision, destroying the valuable trust built during the lead nurturing process.

With inbound sales, the process is automated, allowing the enrollment team to perform the right steps at the right times, and generating amazing results!


Inbound sales get you better results at a lower cost for your institution.

Caio e Telemarketing

On inbound sales for education institutions, the sales process is inverted: instead of the sales advisors wasting hours calling on cold leads, interested students will come to your school educated about your institution and ready to enroll.

By using inbound marketing strategies, including the development of content customized for your institution, we help you create what we call a guided sales process.

The first step is to invest in inbound marketing strategies that attract the interest of the prospective students and allow them to convert themselves into leads.

Then, using automated tools and process flows that drive from your website, these leads are educated about your school using segmented and customized content for each step of their buyer's journey, in order for them to build trust in your institution and in their decision.

When they are ready to take action, your sales team steps in and finalizes the enrollment.

What you can expect inbound enrollments to do for your institution


Scale up your sales

With inbound marketing tools for education, it’s much easier to scale sales quickly. That’s because leads come to your sales representatives ready to make a decision..


More qualified leads

Inbound marketing strategies prepare students to be more confident in their decisions, ensuring more qualified leads.

Better monitoring capability

The inbound sales methodology provides for an automated monitoring of the enrollment funnel, and automated process flows that ensure students are contacted timely and with data relevant to their topics of interest. .

Increasing enrollments

More educated prospects make their decisions more quickly, and increase your number of enrollments.


Quicker Buyer's Journey

Leads nurtured with the right content are more invested in their decision, and are more likely to matriculate, increasing the number of starts.


Increase student retention

Institutional loyalty begins with your first contact with a student. If the student’s matriculation journey includes quality content and reinforces that the student made a good decision, retention rates will increase. 

More efficient enrollment funnel

A well-structured flow of prospects prevents your institution from losing students along the way, making your enrollment process more efficient.

Reduce the costs to recruit students

With highly-qualified leads and an enrollment team completely focused on following the inbound methodology, student recruitment costs will decrease significantly.

The most disruptive technologies on the market are now within your reach

Here at MKT4EDU, we use the latest technologies to transform your existing team into a true enrollment machine.

With Hubspot CRM, we implement your institution’s customized strategy of inbound enrollment and automate the whole process, giving more time to your enrollment advisors to dedicate to what really matters: relationships with students.

We configure your tools for capturing and nurturing prospects; we create templates for faster and personalized communications; and we help define goals and KPIs that help your institution save time and money!

Why do inbound sales with MKT4EDU


We specialize in student recruitment for educational institutions and, above all, are passionate about what we do!

We use disruptive technologies to attract, educate and enroll students in your school, college, or university.

You can count on us to craft your inbound strategy, automate your enrollment process, and monitor the results on a daily basis.

Schedule a meeting right now and find out what our team can do for you!


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