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Do you know how to attract students strategically?

Recruting students using traditional marketing methods has become more difficult every day. Which makes sense, given that there are thousands of educational institutions all competing for the same students, and buying similar ads on TV or keywords on Google. Today, it is no longer possible to increase enrollments using traditional methods. Institutions need to be more strategic about how they find and recruit students.

And this is how inbound marketing works for education: attracting interested students to your site, without competing in a crowded marketplace of expensive ad buys.

Using content marketing as a main pillar, inbound marketing is the best way to effectively capture students. It creates emotional connections through interesting, informative and personalized content, both on the institution’s website and in other platforms such as blog posts and social networks.


Inbound marketing means more students in the classroom, all year round


Doing inbound marketing keeps students connected to your educational institution long before enrollment, by filling your website with relevant content that is optimized for search engines.

Using internet strategies such as content marketing and SEO, we pique the interest of the student, and start a relationship with your institution based on providing a lot of valuable information, and leverage the communications further through strategic marketing automation.

Having been carefully nurtured with the knowledge you share at the right time and on their terms, students feel more confident when deciding on an educational institution: yours.

What an educational institution gains from inbound marketing

Higher lead volume

Inbound marketing strategies for educational institutions bring in significantly more qualified leads than traditional marketing activities, increasing the effectiveness of your enrollment campaigns.

More and better conversions

The conversion rate of a website that participates in an inbound marketing strategy can be up to six times higher than the conversion rate for institutions that do not invest in inbound marketing for educational institutions.

Greater involvement in social networks

With inbound marketing, you generate buzz for your brand and gain greater engagement and visibility on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and more.

Greater efficiency in the enrollment funnel

Well-informed students respond much more favorably to attempted contacts from the enrollment team. This translates into a more efficient sales funnel without loss of leads resulting from attempting to enroll students before they are ready.

Lower cost per lead generated

An inbound marketing strategy aligned with your educational goals substantially reduces the cost of lead generation, increasing your return on investment for digital marketing.

Lower marketing budget

With inbound marketing for educational institutions, you create a year-round student recruitment process. We consistently see institutions increase enrollments while reducing costs - up to 60% off their educational marketing budget in some cases.

Higher return on investment

When the cost of capturing leads decreases, and student conversion increases, your institution grows while saving money, allowing you to use those savings for other activities that are central to your mission.

Increased student loyalty

Inbound marketing increases the lifetime value of students, contributing to increased engagement and brand loyalty. When everyone is satisfied, the results are even greater!

With Hubspot, your inbound marketing will take off!

No wonder we are the largest Hubspot partner in the world. Applying the best strategies of inbound marketing to educational institutions, we generate surprising results for our clients.

By centralizing all inbound marketing and inbound enrollment processes on the Hubspot platform, we have the ability to analyze the results of each communication and relationship action with your students, optimizing each strategy for great results that are continually improving.

But we do not stop there, of course! To optimize all your inbound marketing strategies, we monitor social networks as well as user behavior online through Google Analytics.

Here at MKT4EDU, inbound marketing and technology come together to deliver the best results for your educational institution!

Why do inbound marketing with MKT4EDU?


We are a Platinum Hubspot Partner and we develop inbound marketing strategies specifically for the education industry. In other words, our specialty is to generate results for you!

In 2017, we received the prize Rookie of the Year of Hubspot Impact Awards and in 2018 we want to go further, so we constantly invest in new technologies, experiences, and strategies to maximize the number of enrollments for your educational institution. From Rookie

Count on our high quality professionals, and trust those who are a step ahead and are staying ahead through constant innovation. We have the results and the industry certifications that prove we are experts in inbound marketing.

Contact us and find out about the power of inbound marketing for educational institutions!


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