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What is your student recruitment strategy?

Recruit students for an educational institution using the internet has become much easier than it was even a year or two ago.

What people look for online is knowledge, and if you share yours, it creates a powerful connection with potential students.

Once the connection is created, it's time to nurture the relationship, generate value, educate, entertain and inform an audience that is now eager for your knowledge.

This is where a good content marketing strategy for educational institutions makes all the difference.

This is where a good content marketing strategy for educational institutions makes all the difference.


Content Marketing Is Generating Value Through Knowledge


What makes your educational institution interesting to a student is not the pricey advertisement or the lowest tuition. It is the educational potential and the quality of education that matter the most.

And how do you show the quality of your education? Sharing knowledge with prospective students can make all the difference.

Because your institution's website can not, and should not, have content constantly changed, it is best to create an educational blog and create content that is interesting to the student segment you want to reach.

A technical school will recruit middle school and high school students; a professional qualification course searches for professionals who need certifications or CPE; a university wants to attract high school students and graduates.

The intention is to make your educational institution a source of reliable information, and with it, establish a relationship that culminates in more enrollments.

What content marketing for educational institutions can do for you


Better organic positioning

What every educational institution wants is to be in the top position of Google and thus attract more students. With content marketing, you gain positioning more quickly and defend it constantly.

Greater brand awareness

Content marketing for educational institutions helps you position your brand strategically on the internet and make it known (and recognized) by more and more prospects.

New enrollments year round

The dream of every educational institution is to decrease marketing efforts and increase enrollment. With content marketing this is possible, just by keeping your strategy active throughout the year!

Lower cost of student acquisition

Each content piece shared by your educational institution is available 24/7, and can serve hundreds (or even thousands) of students at a time. This means that acquisition cost per student decreases as more enrollments are derived from the same content pieces over time.

More traffic to your website

Increasing traffic volume to your site is essential to gaining prospects, keeping them engaged, and building credibility and trust. With content marketing, you create strategic links to your site and among your own webpages to keep them coming back for more.

More Engagement in Social Networks

Content marketing can be done on a variety of platforms, including on social networks. The more interaction you generate through useful and relevant content, the more students will want to study at your institution!

Higher student retention

Retaining students is as important as capturing new enrollments, and content marketing for educational institutions works very well in both strategies, generating value from the first contact with students and throughout their education, and even after graduation!

Higher return on marketing investments

More students, fewer costs, and less manual effort. That's what content marketing is capable of doing for your educational institution. The obvious result? Greater financial return, and more satisfied students.

Content Marketing is connecting your educational institution to the right prospects!

Sharing knowledge that is meaningful to students is not an easy task. You need to understand your market and your students’ profiles, and be able to predict what they want and what they need, and unify the messages in all of the content pieces so they make a coherent whole.

Here at MKT4EDU, we use data analysis to understand students' behavior and thus identify what knowledge they are like to seek on the internet.

We then turn this data into highly relevant content that is capable of attracting more and more people through search engine optimization (SEO).

And how do we do that? With technology, of course! SemRush and Moz give us the data we need to understand student behavior on the internet and translate that data into content.

Then, we feed your institutional blogs, social networks and other platforms with Hubspot and gather all the behavioral data of your visitors, optimizing each strategy for even more amazing results!

Why do content marketing with MKT4EDU?


If your educational marketing is with us, your educational institution’s content marketing is too!

Hubspot, the creator of the concept of inbound marketing, is the largest company in the segment. And we are the biggest Hubspot educational partner in the world!

We have a team of content marketing experts to plan your strategy, produce the content and optimize the results every day, generating more students for you!

We have Hubspot certifications in inbound marketing, content marketing, and SEO - which means we can provide you with content ready to be indexed by Google that will drive traffic to your site.


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